Emergent Improvisation is a unique process for understanding structures in all principles of organization applied across disciplines.

Emergent Improvisation relates the act of structuring to natural, complex systems and time-based artistic practice.

Emergent Improvisation uses research, education, and performance to understand the act of structuring in nature and art.

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Emergent Improvisation
c/o Susan Sgorbati
Bennington College

One College Drive
Bennington, VT 05201



Photographers: Terry Gannon, Jake Meginsky, Paul Kyle, and Cynthia Locklin.

Videographer: Colin Brant

Film and Video: Elliot Caplan

Drawings: Marie Lynn Haas and Emily ClimerW

Website designer: Nate Jasper

Susan would like to thank Nate Jasper for his work on the website, Colin Brant for his EI education videos, photographers Jake Meginsky, Paul Kyle, Cynthia Locklin and Terry Gannon. Susan also thanks all of the different groups of EI over the years from the first group of Jonathan Kinzel, Paul Matteson, Maureen Ellenhorn, Hope Clark and Lionel Popkin, to the second group of Keith Thompson, Lionel Popkin, Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, Carson Efird, Katie Martin, Cori Olinghouse, Zornitsa Stoyonova and Nicole Daunic, to the third group of Cori Olinghouse, Joe Poulson, Zornitsa Stoyonova, Lydia Chrisman, Nicole Daunic, Emily Climer, Marie Lynn Haas, Nikolaus Tsocanos and Katie Martin to the last several groups: Marie Lynn Haas, Emily Climer, Finn Murphy, Nikolaus Tsocanos, Joe Poulson, Theo Koppel, Lydia Chrisman, Katie Martin, Leah Morrison, Tony Orrico, Eva Schmidt, Emma Villavechhia, Kaya Lovestrand and Kenny Olguin, several of whom were my students at Bennington College.

Special thanks to Katie Martin and Jake Meginsky who were instrumental in developing the concept of EI and to Emily Climer and Marie Lynn Haas who are my partners in crime, who assisted in the research and writing of our EI chapbook, and who are committed to this work, and to Elliot Caplan, film maker and collaborator, who has worked on this concept with Susan for the past seven years and will continue to produce work for many more years to come.

Dancers who appear in Photos on this website: Emily Climer, Katie Martin, Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, Zornitsa Stoyonova, Carson Efird, Keith Thompson, Nicole Daunic, Marie Lynn Haas, Lydia Chrisman, Lydia Chrisman, Corina Dalzell and Susan Sgorbati.

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